We are excited you have selected Leonard Photography as your Senior Portrait Photographer! We like to have fun with our seniors. You are welcome to bring a friend or family member that helps you have a good time. Senior Portraits happen one time in your life. Cherish the moment and enjoy it!

We have listed a few items to bring to your session. The more prepared you are for your portraits, the better your results will be.

Hair cuts and color- Hair cuts or color changes should be completed two weeks prior to you session to allow for a little growth.  We do not suggest drastic changes to your style or color right before your photo session.

Yearbook Only Sessions-

Girls: Bring a cami or tube top for under the drape. The straps will need to be pilled down on your shoulders so racer-back bras are not recommended. Also bring a simple necklace like pearls to add an extra special touch. We suggest wearing a bit more foundation and powder than normal, as studio photography will look best with a bit more coverage. We also suggest wearing lip gloss or balm as dry lips will show in the portrait. Bring the lip gloss along to your photo shoot for touch ups.

Boys: Bring a white undershirt for under the tuxedo shirt. We will provide the tuxedo shirt and jacket.

Cap & Gown Sessions-

Girls: See follow yearbook session instructions above. (Leonard Photography will provide the cap & gown)

Boys: Bring a collared shirt and tie in colors compatible to your gown for graduation.  (Leonard Photography will provide the cap & gown)

Expanded Sessions Including Personality and Outdoor Sessions-

Bring any clothing, uniforms or props you want to show in your portraits. Some examples would be a lettermen's jacket, musical instrument, complete uniform for band or sports including shoes-pads-ball-bat- clubs- etc., books you like to read, shopping bags, your car, a pet, etc.

Bring one outfit that has a solid shirt with a longer sleeve and jeans.

Bring 2-3 outfits that express your style along with shoes for each outfit. Any extra accessories to layer like a denim jacket or sweater can easily change a look without changing a whole outfit.